Sunday, 27 March 2016

Municipal Car Utilization in Vehicles 4

Vehicles such as trucks, police car and ambulance are very useful in the society. These three have distinct purposes in the community. Fire Trucks are used to eliminate fires in different places or part of the city or town. Police Cars are used to maintain peace and order. Ambulance are used to save lives anytime and anywhere. There is no wonder that there are flash games focusing with these mentioned vehicles. In fact, this article is about Vehicles 4.

As you can see, there is a number in the game title because of a distinct reason. This game is actually a part of the series Vehicles. The objective is still the same which is to push, bump or crush the bad black cars out of the way. The three mentioned vehicles have specific powers or abilities in this game. The fire truck has a reactive engine ability. The police car can make an instant u-turn. The ambulance has a reactive jump ability. The players will have to utilize the powers of these cars in order to finish all 35 levels. If you are interested in playing this game, you can simply search for Vehicles 4 through numerous gaming websites.

An introductory uphill battle with Uphill Rush 1

Uphill Rush 1 is the introductory edition from the vehicle-themed flash game series called Uphill Rush. This edition is very important because of two things. First is because it will set the benchmark of the adventure and challenges that will evolve throughout the series. Second is because this is where the story of the whole series begins. This game features a lot of vehicles which are commonly seen and incorporated in different entertainment mediums. Vehicles are really helpful to our daily living and we must be very thankful for their existence. Continue reading or scanning the whole content of this article so that you will be informed about Uphill Rush 1.

This is a racing game where the players will have to deal with different type of vehicles as well as different locations or environment. The vehicles you will be using are bike, quad, skateboard and truck. Your ultimate goal is to finish all the levels or tracks without falling down off the platform. For further details or information, you can search for its link online.

Compose in Break in the Road

Ever dreamed of playing online games that has something to do with music? Break in the road is a unique and very entertaining game online for free. Yes, free game, free music and free photos. Those who love music will surely be entertained by this Break in the Road game. In this game, you will be an instant recording artist with the best and artistic produced music of your choice. It’s not just playing music but also letting you create your own tempo and melodies of music that you like best.

You have all the opportunity to explore and mix music from the different available sounds. You are instructed and guided base on the map given on your screen. You can also hear sounds clearly from different places, indoors and outdoors. Express yourself through music. It’s time to once again test your imagination and creativity in composing and mixing sounds of music.

A simple but entertaining game in Bubble Pop Game

Are you familiar with bubble popping games? They are the ones that let you pop bubbles with the same color. They usually include shooting action with different simple weapons. This article presents a bubble popping game which is simpler and more entertaining than others existing online. The name of the game is Bubble Pop Game. There are two reasons why you will like this game. First is because of the easy controls and game play which you will know in the succeeding paragraph. Second is because of the colors and bubbles that make the game appealing and attractive.

As mentioned a while ago, Bubble Pop Game is simpler and more entertaining because of the goal. The objective of the players of this game is to pop all the color coordinated bubbles by means of touching or swiping at them instead of the usual shooting action occurring in some games. With that being said, the players will have an easy time playing in eight exciting levels. The good thing about this game is that a player can undo an action to be more successful in scoring. If you want to play this game, you can go at.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Release your rage with Wall Street Massacre

When you hear or read Wall Street Massacre, what do you remember or what comes to your mind? Is it about the massacre that we all know that is bloody? Or is it a name of a flash game? If you chose the first option, you are wrong although we can’t blame you because the first thing that comes to one’s mind when he or she heard massacre is death. This is actually a title of a flash game created by WebCypher. This has an interesting plot that will surely excites and thrills you.

As a player, you will play the role of an average American who has lost because of the Wall Street’s greediness. Your reaction is huge dismay, anger and disappointment which will lead to a growing rage. It is your mission to avenge your lost by creating a massacre in the Wall Street. You will be given a car as your getaway vehicle while shooting all the individuals who are involved with Wall Street. This may sound bloody but it is a great tool to release one’s anger and frustration instead of doing it in real life.

Navigate the stick figure in Vex 1

Stick figures are very much appreciated and incorporated in different entertainment mediums for the past few years. It seems like the people are very much magnetized with the entertainment they are engaging with. There are two other reasons why playing or watching stick figures is endearing. First is because of the fact that they seem so simple and easy to engage or understand. There is not much of conflicting or complicating vibes one can sense towards them. Second is because of the cute and funny realization that they are the simplest cartoonized version of a person. If you are one of those stick figure passionates, then you will be enjoying the game that this article presents. The title is Vex 1. The link of this game is.

This is the introductory edition from the game series called Vex. The main goal of anyone who will be playing this particular game is to navigate and control the vex stick man towards the platform up to the exit points. In this introductory game, one can enjoy ten levels from which five are considered easy levels while the remaining are quite tough.

Bowman 4: Shoot That Apple

Have you already improved your archery skills? Because here come the fourth sequel of amazing archery games, Bowman 4! And of course it brings us some completely new features. In this version you have to shoot an apple that’s placed at your girlfriend’s head. She will be standing 30 feet away from you, with an apple on her head. You need to aim very well so you don’t injure your girlfriend. If you shoot her instead the apple, you have to restart the level. As you progress in the game, you will be more and more far from her. She will have four lives and if she runs out of them, you need to start from the very beginning of the game.

At further level, game becomes very difficult and very challenging. You will need to be pretty skillful to complete it. There will also be some hacks and cheats. Check them out at.

Dress Up Barack: A Funny President Makeover

This is a funny game where you should dress up Barack Obama. If you like dressing games, you will love this one. And if you like president, you will enjoy this game even more! If you have ever tried this kind of game, you know how simple it is to play.

You will use only your mouse to click and drag clothes on top of the president. There will be a variety of clothes, shoes, hairstyles, glasses and other accessories for you to choose. You can make him look just the way you want. You can make him a sportsman, you can make him look funny, serious or casual. All you need to do is choose a piece of clothing and drag it on top of Barack. The great thing about Dress Up Barack is that you can share your makeover with your friends. You just need to e mail them the wardrobe code. How fun is that?!

Rocking Race with Age of Speed 2!

Among the crazy racing games, Age of Speed 2 has been very popular. As a latest version, it features so many new facilities to the game lovers. You have to show the magic of your hands while playing the game! So don’t waste time. Go and prove it yourself.

At the beginning, you will be given a chance to choose your car, then the game will start. With such concentration you need to play them. There will many other cars racing with your car. All the racing cars are of high quality. The roads are very zigzag. So press the buttons carefully and don’t crash with other cars. While driving, you will get bonus points and sometimes bonus multiplier, so try to collect them all to get good scores. Particular speed you are maintaining will be measured. To be the winner, you have to reach the destination very fast.

Control the unique character in Gravoor Perfect

If there were one great thing about a flash game, it would be the application of the limitless imagination of humankind. Through flash games, players can have a glimpse of what the future would look like, act like, and live like even in a virtual medium. It is one of the factors that make players appreciate flash games. One side that is unique is the creation of creatures and characters that are considered out of this world or never seen before forms. One perfect example is Gravoor Perfect.

This is one of the emerging flash games right now due to its uniqueness and excitement it brings. This game is very simple. You just have to guide Gravoor towards the exit tile before the time runs out. Make sure that Gravoor will not touch or collide on a wall or fall in a trap set up within the game. This is a matter of coordination and awareness of the environment Gravoor is in. You can play this game online and have a blast.