Wednesday, 27 April 2016

This Is The Only Level 3

This Is The Only Level 3 is a platform-based game very interesting and quirky, action for older children and teenagers that you repeatedly play the same terrain over and over - with a new twist and hide problem-solving tasks are added each time you try the levels. You play the role of a character with the goal acrobatic elephant escape through drainage pipes every time.

While you may be played back "just level again and again (the ledges and platforms as still as you progress), this does not mean it is repetitive or boring! Every smart times this puzzle and skill-based games provide an exciting new test your analytical thinking and problem solving skills, visual perception, reaction speed, coordination and hand joystick, and more. good-old trial and error is important here too - Learning from your mistakes is the best way to figure out the exact solution in each new situation. you have enough the ability and drive to think outside the box to complete all the levels?

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Monday, 25 April 2016

Bandit: Gunslinger

Gunslinger is the old wild west themed, it can move, shooting in the game, the task of this game is that you have along the roof of a moving train, to eliminate enemies and the obstacles preventing you! You must act by a marksman with the principle, against a charge of robbery scruffy gang out to get you! One mistake - and you're a dead man!

The reason you want to play this game because it is an action game, with fast-paced. This is a good fun, old-fashioned, wild west shootout on top of a fast-moving locomotive! It does not get much more old arcade - school than this! Exercise your quick response and observation skills as you fight off enemies from both sides, and jump over the obstacles to sit was on the train.
Strategy to win: constant vigilance and anticipation skills are the key to success here. You must be constantly wary of robbers attack from the left or right of you, and also be on the lookout for the pesky poles and signs that can easily knock you over if you do not take quick action shy avoid. good keyboard control is also very important that you have to quickly learn how to control the movement of your arms and at the same time.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Using the features bouncy in Bounzy 2

Although not prominent but shooting weapons are getting special attention of the majority of game players worldwide for the following reasons. Firstly because this is the shooter weapons causing excitement for players with different emotions. The second is for the interactive action between players and spectators. Finally the player's emotions get the challenges require a high strategic and we must observe everything around. This article presents an example and it is called Bounzy 2. This is the sequel to the fun and crazy shooting game series called Bounzy.

Make sure you be aware of the clear goals that you want to do, if you want to participate in this game. You will receive a weapon is a gun that can destroy opponents. Make sure that you know how to use it efficiently and accurately, in order to receive additional other zombies. If you use less bullets you accumulate the higher the score.

Using smart weapons in Cactus McCoy 4

The game was created for three reasons. The first is to give people an entertaining just to have time alone or upon the occurrence of boredom. The second is to educate or give lessons to the young players in the different aspects that can be very useful in real life. Finally is developing something on the side of the players as competitiveness and self-worth. This article presents a flash game with cute characters and a mystery. The name of the game is Cactus McCoy 4.

This is the fourth installment in the series game called Cactus McCoy. The reason why it has to be mentioned is the title for the story that McCoy is a treasure hunter who was cursed in an unknown place. Your goal in this fourth part is to guide McCoy when he teams up with his former enemies to find the precious treasure. Use of weapons is so you will be able to eliminate these hazards was established in the game.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Fart your way to the end of Twizzed Firefarta

You are looking for a unique flash games and funny? you will be surprised at the topics that will be presented this article. It is a game that features or requires a unique technique of the players. But before that, let's discuss the two factors contribute to the percentage that you will be able to be involved with this game. HAPPY WHEELS The first is a combination of very unique and can say that the character's madness, the players will have to control and navigate. The second is because the goals that they have done or done. The name of the game is Twizzed Firefarta.

From the title, you can easily feel that it has something to do with madness and entertainment. You will have to work with the platform difficulties and dangers that you must survive to reach the end of this game. Big Pixel Pixelated Blast zombies in Zombies Control and guide the characters in the past and overcome certain situations in each level. Using the skills of the character fart to jump or fly through dangerous materials such as hemp and others. There are 30 levels that you can really enjoy.

Big Pixel Pixelated Blast zombies in Zombies

Zombies are very specific combination of various recreational facilities, for two reasons. The first is because of the mystery surrounding them due to the fact that they can be real or just a fantasy, but mostly confused and surprised everyone from around the world. Second, the fact that they either feared or entertainment that is a good thing in entertainment. AGE OF WAR 2 This article presents a good game, and it features a zombie Zombies Big Pixel called.

The great thing about this game was created by Big Pixel Studios is everything as pixels or characters are all pixels. With this feature, children and adults will certainly have fun playing this particular game. Play and Enjoy Hidden Object Games Free Online Your task is to blast the players or remove pixelated zombies before you eat. Use the arrow keys to move and the mouse to shoot or explode. Make sure you shoot them right away because they are approaching fast.

Friday, 15 April 2016

Play and Enjoy Hidden Object Games Free Online

Do you have a sharp eye for details? Then how about we put them to test in games all about finding hidden objects? If you think you can pull though all the challenges then play this game and learn more about these games. You’ll love the various choices of games that you can play online for absolutely free.

In the site, the games vary from simple to complex ones so the players can choose what type they want to indulge in first. Hidden object games are ideal for the laid back type of players who wants to play and enjoy good old mind stimulating games. Whether you are stuck in bore dome or just looking for something to put your hands and mind into, hidden objects games are great to achieve it. You only need your mouse to click but your eyes and your brain will do most of the job for you.

Keep the ball up in Slime Volleyball

If you love playing volleyball, you’d probably love Slime Volleyball. It is an on line game that can be played against your friend or against the opponents in the computer. In a one player game mode, you are the one on the left side. In this volleyball game, you can enjoy touching the ball as many as you wish. Remember your goal, to bring and land the ball in your opponent’s courtside.

That will give you a point. You can also win a point even you are not the ball server. While playing, you will discover some effective moves and strategies to make it harder for your opponent to hit the ball back on your courtside. The first one to get six points wins the game. Just use arrow keys to jump and to move left and right. This is another fun and entertaining game for everyone. Enjoy the game.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

It’s not your usual game in Deadtime Stories

What is the advantage of the existence of varied flash games? The answer is one can freely choose what he or she wants to play because of the fact that there are hundreds of games existing online. There are happy games to brighten your day. If you want some action, tons of action packed games are available online. There are scary games to wake your resting feelings in a thrilling way. One of them is the flash game called Deadtime Stories.

It is not bedtime story but one that will keep you awake and indeed scary. The goal in the game is about freeing trapped spirits and casting spells that make it a combination of paranormal and magical features. Analization, concentration, and execution of spells and magic are the key in this scary game. It is a game where entertainment does not make one happy but scared too for a change in a virtual way.

It is all about great timing in Skill Stack

Three facts are stated below which satisfy the statement that timing is an integral part in a real and reel game. One is because timing is required which is sometimes hard to attain for young players and even adults because of nerves. The second fact is that timing relates with discipline and purpose, which can be hone or develop. Last is because it brings thrill and anticipation to players. If you are looking for a game that highly and intensely integrates timing, it is the one called Skill Stack.

Focus is one of the main key to get the perfect timing and it should be present in this game since you have to focus on the screen where the rows will be appearing which you have to stack. Your goal is to stack or arrange the rows falling from the top of the screen and eventually form the highest tower possible. If you are not focused, everything will be hard for you to arrange which will lead to your defeat. If you love to control your nerves and have a sense of concentration, Skill Stack is the perfect game.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Launch the cute creatures in Rocket Pets

Rocket Pets is a flash game that features cute and adorable pets. This game will surely be a hit among kids especially those who have pets at home. There are two good things about having a pet or pets at home. One is because there will be a companion whenever you feel alone or sad. Second is because of the fact that a pet is a stress reliever especially those who have busy schedules.

The game proper and details can be found on the next paragraph so make sure that you completely read the whole content of this article. The objective in this game is to launch the adorable pets as high and as far as possible to earn big points. There will be traps and dead ends on air and on land which the pets have to avoid using their jet packs. The money that you will be able to earn from guiding and launching the pets can be used in upgrading the jetpacks for better performances.

Help the main character succeed in Hobo 7 Heaven

This game features an indestructible creature named Hobo. This character has been through a lot of challenges, dangers and scenarios but was able to survived them all. The backstory in this game is that Hobo has been in a tremendous battle on hell against Satan and he was able to defeat him with all his might. His next challenge is to conquer the sacred sky or Heaven. No lazy hobos are allowed in Heaven and it is really a big challenge for Hobo to reach this sacred sky. To find out more about this game, feel free to read the whole content of this article now!

The mission of the player in this game is to help Hobo reachHeaven and do his thing there. He must conquer the sacred sky which is a difficult place to defeat since the goodness surrounds in here. Hobo must unleash his skills in pulling off combos and defeating opponents to all his might. If you are looking for great information, you can learn this here now.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Serve the customers in Hot Dog Bush Game

Why does a game that involves selling and food is a hit among players? The answer is also included in the question. Players seek games where they can unleash their fascination of something like selling or serving a particular item like food. All of us love to eat and having a stall or store is one of our imaginations or dreams. Fortunately, there are flash games that can cater to that dream even just in a virtual world. One great example is the game called Hot Dog Bush Game. It is a game about servicing customers in a food stall. Young individuals and even adults will surely have a fun time engaging in this game. The rule is very simple which is to serve the food that will pop out of the minds of the customers.
The stall can handle five customers but the counter can only handle three orders so it will be a challenge to the player to quickly serve the customers so that no one will walk out. If a customer walks out, it will affect your time and earnings. Be mindful of the order and don’t be confused in order to successfully finish the service for the day. To get more details about Hot Dog Bush Game, try visiting.

A whole new way of organizing with Park This Boat

Parking is an important skill that most people who drive vehicles must have. This is integral because of three reasons. First is because it is essential in the system of traffic and road paths and ways. Second is because it organizes every vehicle existing at the moment. Last is because of the fact that it shows one’s discipline and ability to follow rules and law. This article presents a flash game that involves parking. The name of the game is Park This Boat. There are two things that are unique in this flash entertainment medium. First is because the vehicle that the players will be handling is a boat. Second is the location where they will park it which is on water instead of land that we normally see and do on a daily basis with our land vehicles.

If you want to engage with this game, you must be aware of the goal that you have to achieve. You are going to park a ship or a boat towards the designated area of parking. Use the arrow keys to move and control the ship. Make sure that you will not crash them or else, you will lose a live. There are three lives for you to enjoy in each level.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Earn To Die

Earn to Die sees you not only driving your way through hordes of zombies, but allows you to earn cash to upgrade, unlock and customise new vehicles. Is your vehicle not strong enough? Why not add a gun, or boosters, or even a spiked frame? Earn to Die 5
Drive your car through a zombie apocalypse in this massive follow-up to the chart-topping hit Earn to Die! 

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Final Approach to 1.0

So Starbound’s next update is the big 1.0 and it’s getting close, so I wanted to update everyone on where things are and what to expect. Leaving Early Access doesn’t mean the end of updates for Starbound by any means, instead it will mark a shift away from engine work and towards additional content creation.

In the past we’ve referred to this update as ‘the story update’ and indeed the player will finally be able to experience the complete Starbound story arc.

Along the way you’ll meet new friends, undertake a series of missions and search for clues across countless planets. The story arc isn’t intended to replace the sandbox gameplay, but instead provide it with context whilst leaving the game open and boundless.

So, let’s go over some of the big new and returning features in 1.0

Story Content

You are a Protector in training. The protectors belong to the Terrene Protectorate. An organisation formed on earth by humanity to protect and guide the universe towards peace. The story begins on earth, on your graduation day and quickly has you hurtling out into the stars.

The story consists of 8 instanced missions that take the player from overrun mining facilities to ancient temples and sunken libraries. To unlock missions you’ll be given quests which utilize many different aspects of the Starbound sandbox to send you searching for clues. Clues can be found in many different ways, from visiting towns and talking to the locals, exploring dangerous dungeons, to building colonies and completing quests. Our goal is to reward however you like to play.

All of these missions (excluding the intro) end in a unique boss fight and meeting new friends that aid in the expansion of the outpost, which is now upgraded as you progress.

As of this update the mission/story progression, armor progression, ship progression and colony progression are all entirely separate. Whilst missions do increase in difficulty as they progress, it’s up to you how you want to tackle them in terms of gear, weapons and items. We’ve removed any artificial gates, though you will need to ensure you have the equipment needed to overcome any environmental hazards.

The lore and NPC dialogue has also been tweaked around this story and forms a cohesive narrative which ties the Starbound universe together.

Planet Generation

Up until now, each planet in Starbound had one major biome, with some sub biomes scattered within it. With the goal of freeing up the progression and removing artificial gates in mind, planets now contain multiple major biomes, in interesting combinations. Planet generation feels new and fresh with many more possibilities for variation and interesting content. It’s now possible to find a volcano in a jungle or a ruined town in a desert.

New Dungeons

We’re also bringing these planets to life with great new dungeons, villages and beautiful microdungeons. Planets are populated with more content than ever and we’re making sure those dungeons contain rewards that are meaningful both to the story and to sandbox gameplay.

These new villages extend to every race, including the Hylotls who now have a complete set of dungeons and villages in game.

New Side Quests

Alongside the story progression and clue quests there are a number of new side quests, including a battle arena, a museum that needs to be populated with artifacts, and test chambers to unlock tech upgrades. We’ve also expanded the quest system with a quest tracker, compass and multi-part quests which update as you undertake them.

Generated Quests

In order for a world to feel alive and cohesive it requires context. We’re establishing that with our new generated quest system. As you explore the stars, you’ll meet NPCs who need help in various ways. These NPCs will ask you to check out specific locations on their planets to complete their requests. Quests are generated in such a way that the NPCs are aware of the planet they’re on, the creatures that inhabit it and where other locations are in the world.

Completing these quests will grant you all sorts of different benefits and some can leave you with new friends.

Crew Members

In order to reward players for creating colonies we’ve allowed particularly happy colonists to become crew members. If you accept their service they’ll beam to your ship, wear a uniform and fall under your command. Crew members are capable of fulfilling a number of different roles; Soldiers will fight alongside you, medics will heal you mid battle, mechanics will make your ship more fuel efficient and stylists can outfit your crew in custom uniforms.

Crew members can be picked up and dropped on your ship at any time, crew members that follow you will interact with the world around them, examining and commenting on objects they pass and sometimes interacting with them.


If building colonies isn’t your style you can always head to The Beakeasy and hire a penguin mercenary. These mercenaries will carry out the same roles as crew members but their assistance comes at a premium.  

Ship Upgrades

Ships are now upgraded by reaching a certain quota of crew members. Alternatively, if crew members aren’t your style, licenses to upgrade your ship can be bought on the black market at the Penguin Bay. Post 1.0 we’ll continue to look into the feasibility of entirely custom built ships.

New Crafting Progression

The crafting progression in Starbound has been completely revamped. There are many more crafting tables, each with tabs that specify categories of craftable items. Crafting recipes have become more meaningful and interesting with more thought behind what each of these recipes requires of the player. It’s easier than ever to find what you want, when you need it. Your pool of recipes advances more logically and the improved UI makes crafting less of a chore.


You’re now able to craft a fossil station and new fossil tools allow you to unearth a wide range of bones underground. To excavate fossils successfully you’ll need to complete a tricky minigame. Once completed you’re able to display collected fossil pieces in craftable display stands.

Hunger is Back

Hunger has been reworked and has returned in an optional survival mode. The UI has been revamped and food now rots over time (with refrigerators keeping food fresh). Eating food now also has a healing effect outside of survival mode.

New Weapons

There are a plethora of new, extremely unique weapons scattered all over the universe. These weapons make for good rewards, provide varied gameplay and many of them are built on backer requests.

Revamped Pet System

The pet system has been massively improved, captured pets now appear in your inventory, the range of creatures you’re able to catch is much wider, the capture animations have been improved along with the pet behaviours. Pets can also be equipped with collars which provide them with special abilities and you’re able to craft healing and tether stations to heal and tether your pets to a location.

Augment System

Similar to pet collars, armor augments can now be applied to certain back armors to give the player special properties. These range from increased damage and speed to fun special effects.
Combat Updates

Combat continues to be updated and tweaked. We’ve continued to adjust the way damage works. When hurt the player now has increased invincibility frames. When a monster is hit by a player it’s unable to damage the player for a short period. Meaning you no longer have to worry about being hit by monsters caught in your special attacks. There are many small changes we’ve made here while we continue to work on balance.


There are far, far too many things to mention here but the overall effect is one of a far more polished, finished experience. It touches every aspect of the game; code, sound, graphics, design are all included. We will be pushing a release candidate of Starbound to unstable some time before 1.0 whilst we continue to polish for the final release.

Performance and Optimization

Performance in Starbound falls into two categories, client performance (framerate) and server performance (update rate). We’ve entirely rewritten the renderer to massively improve client performance so your framerates should be higher than ever. We’re now working on server performance and expect to at least double the update rate before 1.0.

A New Style of Multiplayer

Multiplayer in Starbound has always been a bit technical to get off of the ground, requiring the player to set up a server, forward ports, share IPs and so on. We’re hoping to use Steam to massively streamline this process though there are still some technical hurdles we’re working through. Our goal is to create two kinds of multiplayer experiences.

Drop in/Drop out of a friends ‘singleplayer’ game, through steam invites. This would be limited to 4 players max by default (edited via config). This method would require no server hosting, no IP sharing or port forwarding. Simply invite your friend to the game you’re currently playing offline.
Dedicated Servers. This would continue to use the server/client model and be entirely configurable by server admins. The goal being to provide as flexible a solution as possible.
We’re also looking at what security improvements we can make, though this is going to be a tough one with the degree to which Starbound is moddable.