Monday, 18 July 2016

Gods of Rome

Terrible fighting game set in the mythical and legendary time will show you your cell phone good to any size!
Soul of the most powerful gods have been summoned in a battle for survival. Fight to restore peace in the mobile game is very nice graphics. Step into this great adventure, you will have at hand the champions for annealing and sent to war; the daily challenges, mystery prizes and PvP wait conquer.

Gods of Rome make the most of the capabilities of the mobile platform to bring you the best 3D graphics can.

Enjoy the experience is tailored for mobile platforms - the screen is in your hands, Swipe & Tap smooth uninterrupted spoiled attacked without mercy!
Joined the ranks of senior Ascender - the Supreme summon ancient myths!
As a Ascender, you can summon, upgrade, and controls gods, monsters, heroes and other mythological warriors in fierce battle against a dark force threatens catch all slavery ! Fratricidal University of Titan!

- Roman and Greek god Zeus as, Hades, Vulcan, Atlas, Medusa, Spartacus and many more boxers will constitute the army of unprecedented valor!
- Traverse the most beautiful sites of the ancient world - Mount Olympus, the ruins of Pompeii, the Colosseum and many more!
- Find out the unique bond between warriors to unlock powerful bonuses.

Discover the exciting world map with formidable players always financial challenges awaiting your fighting ...
Starting tasks to lower tar Tenebrous ma. This ancient demon dug vase named Chaos Vessel chaos and threatened to use its power to get the best warriors slavery. Only the mighty summons "" Ascender "" can stand up overthrowing his new dynasty!
Provision of online VS Battle and Event PvP challenges to conquer, win prizes, upgrade gods with new powers & abilities and become toxic senior Ascender!
Globe wins for exploring the spoils and treasures inside: Warrior rare, pearl, and precious natural resources or other rewards!

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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Jelly Blast

Jelly Blast with classic gameplay remove, photos lovely and extremely cute, easy to control micro finger, excellent level design and fun games witch bring you the ultimate experience and charm by removing all the time. It is absolutely a high-quality games for entertainment and kill time.
More than half of the players are women Jelly Blast. It can be rated as the most popular games for female players.

Now go to the great British Jelly with Lily cute to fight the witch and save the poor residents candies. Start your adventure sweetest Jelly of the elimination!

Jelly Blast - Delicious candy trip features:
• Collect falling jelly candies carried along for a special surprise!
• Jelly Tasty graphics that will leave you hungry for more
• Unwrap delicious environments and gameplay sweetest in wonderland
• useful magic boosters to help with challenging levels
• Easy and fun to play, challenging to master
• Hundreds of British sweet Jelly - are added every month!
• Leaderboards to watch your friends and your competitors!

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Friday, 1 July 2016

Flying Saucer Pro


Flying Saucer is a game that remembers all your crazy moments where you have to play with your friends.

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Flying Saucer is an impressive and attractive game.It is a very simple game and stirring is designed for all ages groups.Flying saucer is a game where you aim to throw the disc into the basket.

There are seven different themes, each theme baskets distance and complexity of play will impact on Saucer increase.Electric fan throws.

Depending on the speed of air flow should be directed Saucer

Key features

* Gorgeous graphics and realistic sound effects
* Seven different themes with seven different platforms, such as: -
Leaving the room, wash room, parking, bar, outdoor kitchen and Lounge.
* Throwing against the wind.
* Object animation.

Flying Saucer is a fun game and most addictive

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