Tuesday, 31 May 2016

3 Foot Ninja II

Akira bit Ninja is back, and this time he's up against a whole new kind of Bad Guy. 3 Foot Ninja II is a high-octane, sword fighting adventure game for kids and teens age where you have to fight like little lovely acrobatic Ninja has completed his destiny as a conviction He's real hope. In this compelling sequel to 3 Foot Ninja, three years have passed since Akira (meaning "smart") found the Lost Scrolls. Now, the lands of the south have been overrun by the faceless Warlords of Evil. The nasty villain has sent out a wave of minions deformed to take you down once and for all. But, of course, you will not go anywhere without a real fight!

All the action game Ninja Warrior difficulty requires a bucket load of skills and determination to succeed. You need to master the ancient martial art of the Ninja, use quick response and quick fingers. Perform flips intense, skillful sword swipes, and move the Ninja slick as you try to beat the seemingly endless attacks by warplanes of the enemy. I need you, Oh big One. you will answer the call? Great, let fight and rid the land of the enemy!

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Monday, 23 May 2016

Pirates Musketeers

Musketeers Pirates is a pirate based shooter game challenging with 1 and 2 game modes: Play the role of a warrior pirates at sea your protection from invasion, and jump pulse pirate ship around remove enemies with precise shots missiles and other advanced weapons. Select 'go it alone' or team up with a friend to take on the unique and unusual enemies in every 18 increasingly difficult levels.

Reasons to play ledge - based, action adventure game: Sail into the wacky world of pirate ship has been overrun by strange creatures as alien blob, hat- wearing eagle, balloons robot , and other unusual enemies. Exercise sharpness and keyboard control your fighting skills as you try to escape from the pirate ship each unwanted guest.

Strategy to win: As with most game-based, fast response and good observation skills are very important. You must deftly jumping from ledge ledge, conserve ammo, and choose the correct moment to attack. defense strategy is also important here - you can not on the attack at all times. If you're playing with a friend, classmate or family member, using teamwork intelligence to your advantage!

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Fun 1 & 2 rugby player Online Game

Playing a high-octane, reaction-based simulation game football and survival with options 1 and 2 -player! Try Hard: 2015 Rugby World Cup Combat is a fun and challenging high, ball-based sports skill game where you have to dodge and weave around the opposition players to smash you with crunching the ball! rugby player your dynamic duo related to a survival epic dash through a variety of opponents more meaningful, and to quickly roll the ball between each other to help avoid collisions heavy!


Reasons to play, football games online fun and addicting: Check and make your reflexes and reaction speed when you try to deftly dodge oncoming many competitors. You are not a rugby union or league fans to enjoy the fun, fast-paced action on screen - This is a skill-based humor running game exist heart for those who enjoy a laugh or two!

Strategy to win: Use the keyboard to control agile, good observation skills, desires alert and good team work. Keep an eagle eye out for defense fast approaching, and rugby ball cleverly and skillfully to avoid getting smashed! You should be aware of when your runner is getting tired and need to rest briefly.

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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Fun game Escape from prison - Alien Prison Break

Alien Prison Break - Help our children escaped from prison through overcoming various obstacles. Remember the "Alien Discipline" original game loved teaching children where young foreigners some outdated land discipline? Well, after they found out, shocked parents of children of foreigners to file a complaint to the Galactic foreign government for the so-called "abuse of foreigners' children, and the poor child was arrested and put on trial and sent to a maximum security prison then!

At this point, the child sitting in a cold cell, but she knew in her heart that she could not abandon his mission - discipline the bad aliens behave. She will complete her final goal at any cost, and she needs to "you" help now to escape from this prison. You can help her escape so she can stop the aliens (and children their best behavior) from conquering the world? Let's hope so - good luck Space Cadet!