Tuesday, 31 May 2016

3 Foot Ninja II

Akira bit Ninja is back, and this time he's up against a whole new kind of Bad Guy. 3 Foot Ninja II is a high-octane, sword fighting adventure game for kids and teens age where you have to fight like little lovely acrobatic Ninja has completed his destiny as a conviction He's real hope. In this compelling sequel to 3 Foot Ninja, three years have passed since Akira (meaning "smart") found the Lost Scrolls. Now, the lands of the south have been overrun by the faceless Warlords of Evil. The nasty villain has sent out a wave of minions deformed to take you down once and for all. But, of course, you will not go anywhere without a real fight!

All the action game Ninja Warrior difficulty requires a bucket load of skills and determination to succeed. You need to master the ancient martial art of the Ninja, use quick response and quick fingers. Perform flips intense, skillful sword swipes, and move the Ninja slick as you try to beat the seemingly endless attacks by warplanes of the enemy. I need you, Oh big One. you will answer the call? Great, let fight and rid the land of the enemy!

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