Monday, 8 August 2016

3 Chinese original 3D mobile game extremely well in the past week

As usual, we will look back on a round of the Chinese mobile game or, attractive and slick gameplay graphics are introduced in the week.

Great People of the Master

Great People of the Master is a 3D mobile game ARPG genre fanciful subjects, developed and operated by the company Perfect World. The game is the right network of arranger novel "The Master, being", possessing quality superb 3D images, combining sophistication with mechanisms to fight cross-screen action, promises to bring the experience groundbreaking gameplay for players of all ages prefer action-oriented.

The game has built context and plot closely follows the original, players lead the world to discover a timeless, magical and explain in words. Thanks to the advantages of graphics quality, the game was "realistic" of the words on paper into beautiful images, very impressive, with nice color and style as the main cute.

In terms of occupational system, the game is given 4 choices include Lac Li, Section Chen, Yan Emperor and the Nine U. Players can buy a lot of clothes fashion to improve morphological characters her, more the fashion map in the game is also very worthy of praise by the unique design, eye-catching. Besides, the selection of the initial occupation is also reflected monumental, every profession will have 1 CG performances own skills, extremely vivid.

Great People of the Master used form of combat horizontal screen, but thanks to stylish design 3D graphics that players will experience very different, groundbreaking than that classic 2D games. Rhythm fight takes place relatively quickly, each character has the speed to move or moves out different skills, so players need to practice a lot to manipulate the controls associated abilities mature.

Visual effects and sound show for the combat of this product is very commendable to say. Plus, the system supplements, enemies and Boss at each level with the richness and diversity, promised Heng brought unforgettable challenges. The key to gaining victory and prevailed before the enemy is able to manipulate inter good technique, how to not be interrupted by the player. We need points based on air rage and every skill cooldown time, reasonable use in each situation, know how to apply both at the ground and in the air.

Also highlighted on the graphics and fighting mechanism, the other aspects of gameplay content in whole People of the Great Master, being also very complete and unique. Players can grow for characters with unique features such as flexible settlement systems, equipment systems, air systems components, systems realm. And to get the money and necessary items for process serving enhancement characters, who will again looking to supplement a series of PVE and PVP together forms the corresponding reward.

Currently, the Master Full Minorities University went on stage opening widely commercialized in the Chinese market and is the attention of the gaming community.

Ung Snow Mobile Consulate Owner

Snow Ung Consul Owner Mobile is a mobile game 3D ARPG genre with magical themes developed by the company Fengyun Hudong. The game is a genuine product of copyright, content modifications based on the novel of the same name network, ensures keep all the circumstances, character design and background that closely follows the original, shown on maps platform modern 3D graphics, and promises to fight teams experienced extremely interesting for players.

In the initial stages, players will make the choice of taking a basic character, to represent them. But this stage does not really matter because the game is on combat teams, all the characters are divided into three basic system consists Warrior, Mage and Additional Assistance, and the player can recruit then use multiple characters at the same time in different occupational diversity. So players need to focus on things combine to good character role, based on the capacity and combat skills of each person.

Advanced graphical aspect to 3D format is an advantage to impress players from the first glance. Overview of Snow picture quality Ung Owner Mobile Consulate quite eye-catching, with character design and landscape that closely follows the original, with the sharpness and detail, especially significant are the proud fighting effects lightning, intense with tempo. Players can put up to 3 characters to war, and the option of earning a master general, simple operation controls by pressing the touch screen to move.

Besides, the gameplay in this product also carries many unique and diversify so that players are spoiled for growth for his character. Which highlights the system must include talent, spirit or system fight the system is built in accordance with the details in the novel. On the side of PVE and PVP content, the game has a lot of screen type and form of challenging Boss fight arena when each party has attracted up to 3 characters fighting.

From July 29, 2016, Consul Owner Ung Snow Mobile has opened unlimited testing on both iOS and Android platform in the Chinese market.

Saint Seiya: Episode Results

Saint Seiya: The episode is a 3D mobile game genre MMORPG themed manga / anime was developed by the company and by iDREAMSKY Freejoy released. The game is the genuine copyright reception from the manga of the same name by author Masami Kurumada, accurately recreated each main character, setting, and plot under the original, possessing beautiful 3D graphics quality eye and unique, combined with a system of gameplay promises many exciting innovations.

Opening the game, players will be watching a very beautiful CG movies, similar to the version of the game client is also Perfect World developed and operated in the Chinese market in recent years. Thereby, the player can feel the atmosphere is clearly characterized mythology and magic like what the manga has brought viewers to make sense of very good memories from all the pictures as characters Seiya main, 12 Golden Gladiators, the goddess Athena.

Professional system of game were taken under 5 main character image, but just opened ahead 3 include Pegasus, Dragon and Andromeda. Prior to the creation of characters, players will be playing a brief guide prime, out through the operation control mechanisms and fight lets characters change midway. Part character creation interface is shown quite nice, each constellation have enough male and female sexes to differ slightly on the St. Y, further the Italian here Scripture is "God Cloth" level the highest in the original.

Originally developed by modern 3D technology, game platform possesses high quality graphics and design styles unique images, very suitable for a modified product from the manga, helps turn every picture in the series come alive, true, but still closely follows the original. The system of in-game scenes are built large, camera angles are also relatively remote place, the details of the characters or types, much less visual effects version of the game client, meeting the memorable cast of characters such Seiya, Shiryu, Hyuga, Shun and Ikki.

In terms of combat, Saint Seiya: Episode The application mechanism of action combat ARPG and allows changing the character halfway. Players can easily be controlled via the virtual keys on the screen, free to change out a strategic character, extremely visual experience was eye with a series of wonderful skills followers celebrated each character's name is shows extremely polished as Tian Ma Liu Essential Rights, Lushan Thang Long Ba, Diamond Dust, Lightning plasma ... players will discover a system built main task episodic style, personally learn episode in the manga, engaged enough PVE and PVP content types charismatic.

The system of in-game characters incredibly diverse and will be expanded gradually, gives players a wealth of choices to develop, arrange appropriate staff according to their personal preferences. St. Gladiators system is divided according to different systems, corresponding to separate fighting capacity, with collection methods and growth similar to the card products. Players can collect a sufficient number of puzzle pieces to unlock new characters, and thanks to the process of promotion, promotion Star, skills promotion, even those equipped with new features such as wearing sacred medicine, outbreak play for each universe to increase combat power.

From August 2, 2016, Saint Seiya: The episode has conducted open market is not limited to China and received a strong response from the fan community.

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