Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Launch the cute creatures in Rocket Pets

Rocket Pets is a flash game that features cute and adorable pets. This game will surely be a hit among kids especially those who have pets at home. There are two good things about having a pet or pets at home. One is because there will be a companion whenever you feel alone or sad. Second is because of the fact that a pet is a stress reliever especially those who have busy schedules.

The game proper and details can be found on the next paragraph so make sure that you completely read the whole content of this article. The objective in this game is to launch the adorable pets as high and as far as possible to earn big points. There will be traps and dead ends on air and on land which the pets have to avoid using their jet packs. The money that you will be able to earn from guiding and launching the pets can be used in upgrading the jetpacks for better performances.

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