Wednesday, 13 April 2016

It’s not your usual game in Deadtime Stories

What is the advantage of the existence of varied flash games? The answer is one can freely choose what he or she wants to play because of the fact that there are hundreds of games existing online. There are happy games to brighten your day. If you want some action, tons of action packed games are available online. There are scary games to wake your resting feelings in a thrilling way. One of them is the flash game called Deadtime Stories.

It is not bedtime story but one that will keep you awake and indeed scary. The goal in the game is about freeing trapped spirits and casting spells that make it a combination of paranormal and magical features. Analization, concentration, and execution of spells and magic are the key in this scary game. It is a game where entertainment does not make one happy but scared too for a change in a virtual way.

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