Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Doodle Chicks

Chicks Doodle is a highly challenging, interactive platform based on action and puzzle games, cool features cartoon laptop-style and 30 fun levels like Mario. You play the role of the brave 'Doodle Chick', and to avoid the breakdown 'Hairy Monsters' on your way to unlock the door and escape through Exit. Of course, you also have to contend with all sorts of obstacles and classic platform requirements such as jumping acrobats, wire cutters, the bubble burst, and many more!

The reason for this play keyboard controller physics-based skill game: This is a retro style, problem-solving game really fun to perform analytical thinking skills in their establishment strategic planning, time, hand coordination - eye, react as fast as you plot your way through each level of the platform together. There is little or no power - up, shortcuts, or special moves - it is a game of escape, simple but difficult with a copybook style quirky motif. Fans of good old platform games, schools should feel at home here.

Strategy to win: Find out the best way to neutralize the speed monster is the best way to escape from level. use carefully the various objects in each level is the key to success. You also have to be patient, and prepare for the many trials and errors in your quest to complete all 30 levels!

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