Saturday, 18 June 2016


7554 builds on the context of 9-year resistance against French colonialism from 1946 to 1954 of the army and people of Vietnam, and typical of this period is the glorious victory of Dien Bien Phu five continents. In the game, players will go through many battles turn in space and time differences in this time period.

The highlight of the game

7554 built an attractive storyline follows the journey of four soldiers, comrades, brothers side by side in the 9 years of resistance. The circumstances and characters in the game is purely fictional, but the fighting in the game is the real historical events, and happenings of 7554 it was depicted.

Because the focus is simulated battlefield with bullets flying torrential wide so often will be the support team to follow the player, rather than a single battle. Use shielded points against enemy fire is mandatory, as well as with allies players can shoot the enemy overwhelmed when favorable or otherwise.

The status of the player (do not, sitting or lying) and the current armament will affect movement speed, accuracy, or endurance. You will not always be able to run continuously for a long time, and can not just move just shot while lying.

Built on high-end graphics platform, and use the advanced technology in the field of video games, 7554 provides outstanding visual quality than the Vietnamese gaming products ever, no space how far short of international products. In addition, the perfectionist, and the seriousness of our environment, making a real Vietnam that did not previously have a title yet. The old battlefields are reproduced on the basis of practice, research and reference in great detail.

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