Friday, 1 July 2016

Flying Saucer Pro


Flying Saucer is a game that remembers all your crazy moments where you have to play with your friends.

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Flying Saucer is an impressive and attractive game.It is a very simple game and stirring is designed for all ages groups.Flying saucer is a game where you aim to throw the disc into the basket.

There are seven different themes, each theme baskets distance and complexity of play will impact on Saucer increase.Electric fan throws.

Depending on the speed of air flow should be directed Saucer

Key features

* Gorgeous graphics and realistic sound effects
* Seven different themes with seven different platforms, such as: -
Leaving the room, wash room, parking, bar, outdoor kitchen and Lounge.
* Throwing against the wind.
* Object animation.

Flying Saucer is a fun game and most addictive

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